Our team

Building successful long term relationships is at the centre of ISR’s approach and as such we recognise the importance of having a robust, professional team of investment strategists who strive to set new standards across various investment disciplines.

Continuity is critical which is why a team approach is utilised across all client programs to ensure delivery and support are always available, especially when clients need them most.

A key feature of ISR’s award winning team is not only academic but centred around each strategist’s experience making real time decisions as Traders, Portfolio or Risk Managers. This is essential to talking in a common language with clients, providing forward thinking dynamic solutions.

We believe this real time experience delivers an edge to our analysis and solutions as we are able to understand the challenges our clients face on a day to day basis, having experienced many of those challenges ourselves.

Since inception, ISR has been committed to growing its talent pool, identifying individuals through extensive recruitment, training and intern programs, designed to attract new talent from across the world as part of our ongoing commitment to developing the team from the bottom up as well as searching out seasoned market professionals.