Our vision is to be seen as an extension of our clients in house resource, providing the power to specific elements or entire processes inside the investment program. This is achieved by creating long term value, based on quality, delivery and intellectual rigour driven by a top down approach, from firm to investor level.

The ISR approach to client programs is born from years of operating in some of the most turbulent market conditions, where questioning convention, breaking the norm, adapting and thinking outside the box have become our standard tools and operating practice.

As the world and markets are continously evolving, we strive to develop our learning and understanding of the factors which impact investor psychology, this understanding has enabled us to create a much improved and realistic framework from which to base investment and risk management insights.

This is also why ISR makes a client commitment to further reinforce our efforts to continuously add value by supporting ongoing relationships with specific communication and research feedback programs which are designed to benefit all parties utilising shared best practice and idea generation.

We hope to welcome you to our world, where fat tails, volatility clustering and turbulent markets are the norm rather than the exception.